March 26, 2019

Uniform Services

Uniform Rental Service

We start with a complete analysis of your company’s apparel needs and will design a program accordingly.

Everything from heavy to light soil, industrial to business casual, and even business executive garments are available in our rental, lease and direct sale programs. We implement RFID Garment Tracking technologies within our uniforms to ensure accurate and efficient delivery every time in direct connect with our hand held. We serve commercial industries including hospitality, food services, automotive and manufacturing in Connecticut.

Our company is part of the CSCNetwork, a National Alliance of Independent Launderers. As your garment provider you will have the best of both worlds, the high quality service that only a local company can provide; as well as the strength and teamwork of a national alliance.

Value-added Benefits:

  • Image: Employees in uniform always leave a great first impressions.
  • Identity: Project your company’s identity by displaying your logo on professional looking emblems.
  • Options: We offer a wide variety of garments that can be rented, leased or purchased.
  • Safety: Proper apparel is needed to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Comfort: Our garments are so soft and comfortable your employees will forget it is work attire.
  • Convenience: Image made easy…we handle ALL aspects of keeping your employees looking professional.
  • Accuracy: RFID Uniform Tracking improves garment control and accurate and efficient deliveries.

About Our Uniform Rental Service in Connecticut (CT)

White Way was the first uniform rental company in Connecticut (CT) to have computerized invoices and has continually been on the cutting edge, to better service our growing Industrial and Commercial customers.  Our latest advancement was the development of our RFID Garment Tracking program which eliminates delivery inaccuracies.  We offer tours of our plant to all future and existing customers.

We are excited to show partners (customers), how our attention to detail will aid them in their efforts to improve image and profitability. It is our belief that a properly managed uniform rental program gives a company security, safety and other factors that our sales representatives would love to share with you!

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