June 22, 2018

Towel Tips

Organize your bathroom closet or linen closet with these towel tips.  From folding to storing, and hanging between uses, these towel tips are essential.

Towel Tips:  Always Hang Wet Towels

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Always hang your wet towels as soon as you are out of the shower, bath or pool.  Leaving your wet towels on the carpet or hardwood floor can cause discoloration and leave a moldy smell.  If your kids are culprits of leaving wet towels on the floor, give them a designated hook in their bedroom!

Keeping Towels Fluffy

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The best part of stepping out of a relaxing bath is wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel.  Keep your towels soft and fluffy with these tips from the Turkish Towel Company!

Working Towels Into Your Design

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If you have a beautiful set of bathroom towels, show them off!  Working towels into your design is easy and keeps them within arms reach.

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