March 26, 2019


I’m a new customer. Your total product is a model of customer service and I wish that you would teach other companies how to do what you do. I don’t have to do a thing except remember to take my dry cleaning with me – no special trip. I don’t have to identify myself, you’ve provided for that with a bag that already has my ID on it. I don’t have to go somewhere to pay a bill – the ONLY thing I have to do is to take my garments with me to someplace I go every day anyhow. WOW.”       – Heather from East Haven

“White Way is the most professional, well-run and reliable laundry service I have ever dealt with. I would recommend them to anyone interested in laundry or dry-cleaning services. This is a true top notch company.
 After using White Way for several months, I am happy to say this is the best laundry and dry cleaning company I have ever dealt with.  From the stellar customer service, to the reliable and trustworthy drivers, White Way is a top-notch business. The clothing always comes back in perfect condition and any questions I have are answered immediately by the White Way staff.  There is a certain trust and rapport you need to build with your customers when you are coming into their home or business and handling their clothing. White Way understands this and makes their customers feel comfortable. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the company and look forward to working with them in the future.” –  Joe Trelli

 I Love White Way Dry Cleaners because of the outstanding customer service they provide on a day in and day out basis. I am a busy business professional and at times am on the road quite a bit. Because of the erratic travel I am currently not signed up for the regular delivery service. This means that I have to call White Way to schedule a delivery. This was something that was going to be a challenge for me but decided to try the process. I can say that Dawn Angry has single handedly kept me engaged and loyal to White Way. They instituted a new email functionality that truly changed the way I use/interact with my dry cleaners. When I need a pick up on my schedule day I simply send an email to Dawn and she assures that the driver will stop by to pick up my dry cleaning. Because I am a frequent customer I try and use the promotional coupons that are available every month. Dawn does a fantastic job of assuring I get credit for the coupon and that my account is properly updated.

The dry cleaning is great…but the customer service is outstanding and keeps me being a repeat customer for a lifetime.   –Newman H. Rochester, Jr.

Why do I love my Seal of Approval dry-cleaner? That’s a very easy one to answer. It’s because doing business there is no different than bringing my laundry to my own mother. The end result is exactly the same: Outstanding. And that’s because the store manager, Cindy Jackson, operates the business at peak efficiency, and only with the best interests of customers in mind. What’s more, not only is the dry cleaning superb, but the customer service is wrinkle free too. Now you tell me: What’s better than that?  –Thomas J. Curran

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