March 26, 2019

Sweater Tips

You love your sweater collection; properly care for your sweaters with these simple sweater tips!  Remember, if you are unsure about whether you can remove that stain or take care of the pilling yourself, call Connecticut’s best dry cleaning company, White Way Dry Cleaners.

How Often Should You Wash Your Sweater?


Did you spill some pumpkin spice coffee on your favorite sweater?  Have you forgotten the last time your sweater was washed?  It’s time to wash your sweater!  Unless a cleaning is necessary, consider washing your sweater every 3-4 wears.

The Itchy Sweater Solution


Everyone has that one itchy sweater they keep in the back of their sweater drawer that they wish they could wear.  Once your sweater has completed its wash and rinse cycles, refill your sink with enough cool water for your sweater to swirl around in and thoroughly mix in a liquid fabric softener; continue by following your sweater washing routine.

Fixing a Shrunken Sweater


This is a very case-to-case situation.  Depending on the fabric of your sweater, you may be able to fix your shrunken sweater, though we aren’t hopeful.  Next time if you are having doubts about washing your sweater, call White Way Dry Cleaners!

How to Properly Dry a Sweater


After squeezing out water, lay the sweater on a white towel on a flat surface (a white towel prevents dye transfer from towel to sweater).  Roll the towel and sweater gently together to remove moisture, squeezing and pressing as you work.

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