February 15, 2019

Summertime Storage Tips

The summer season may be all too brief, but it’s still important to store your fall and winter garments properly to ensure they look great when temperatures once again drop.  White Way Dry Cleaners of Connecticut are giving you all of the summertime storage tips you need to properly store your winter favorites!  From sweaters and comforters to scarves and winter coats, proper storage techniques will prolong the life of your clothing and bedding.

No matter what the item being stored is, it should always be put away clean.  Over time, stains can set in and other debris can damage fibers.  Food particles attract pests that can further damage material.  The first step in preparing to store any textiles is a thorough cleaning.  If this task seems daunting, schedule a free pick-up and delivery service from White Way Dry Cleaners!  Once items have been cleaned and are completely dry, you can focus on finding the best storage option.


Clean textiles aren’t immune to damage.  Anything you store should be kept in a dark, dry location.  Light can fade fabrics and moisture can encourage the growth of mold.  Make sure your items are protected from both by choosing your storage location carefully.  The closet or the space under your bed may be a good choice.  Use the basement or attic only if you are confident these places are not prone to excessive moisture.

For short term storage, storage containers can be plastic or cardboard.  Just make sure to avoid using dyed packing materials that may bleed onto your fabrics.  Plastic storage tubs that slide under the bed can be just as effective as cardboard storage boxes.  If you plan on storing some items for an extending period of time, invest in acid-free storage boxes and materials.

13222277Keep in mind that long periods of time hanging around on hangers can stretch sweaters and jackets out of shape.  Avoid the temptation to leave everything hanging in the closet until fall or winter rolls around.  You may find they’ve become misshapen and no longer fit perfectly.  You don’t want lump shouldered sweaters!  Fold these items for storage.

If the task of cleaning your fall and winter items is overwhelming, trust them to White Way.  We’ll have everything back to you perfectly clean and ready to store until the seasons change!

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    1. Great storing ideas! Many times as a result of my inappropriate storing of the clothes I found some of them with stains. Thanks for sharing

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