January 24, 2019

Storing Winter Clothing

With warmer weather approaching soon, now is the time to make sure you’re prepared to store your winter clothing.  Proper storage is important to keep your clothes looking great.  With a few simple steps, you can prevent potential damage until the weather cools off again and it’s time to bring out the sweaters.

First, start by making sure all of your winter things are freshly laundered according to manufacturer’s directions or professionally dry cleaned.  Stains left to sit for long periods can become set and difficult to remove.  Also, odors and stains will attract pests that can cause further damage to your clothing.  Having clean items from the start will make your storage efforts worthwhile.

Next, it’s important to use a suitable container for storing those clean winter clothes.  Plastic storage bins are OK, but be careful of trapped moisture.  Avoid packing clothing into the container too tightly so air can circulate among your items.  You can certainly use a cardboard box as long as possible water exposure isn’t a concern.  Another idea is to store your clothing in a clean suitcase.  This will allow air to circulate as well as provide a bit more protection than a cardboard box.  Whatever container you decide to use, line it with acid-free tissue.

If insect pests are a concern, moth balls can keep the bugs away.  If you share your home with pets or children, however, mothballs present a danger.  In this case, using cedar blocks or balls is a more prudent choice.  When using any chemical pest repellent, read the directions carefully in order to use them safely.

It may be tempting to simply let your sweaters and other knit items hang in the back of your closet until you need them again.  However, months on a hanger can lead to misshapen clothing.  It’s a much better habit to store these items as described above.

Once you have your winter clothing clean and packed safely away, it’s important to choose the right storage area.  You want a place that is clean, dark, dry, and cool.  A clean, cool, dry area is less prone to pests and mildew while exposure to light leads to fading.

After a summer enjoying the warm weather, you can look forward to taking your cozy winter clothes out of storage without any worry of damage or wear!


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