March 26, 2019

Spring Home Decor

Spring cleaning is a good excuse to update a home’s decor. This is a good time to repaint the walls, replace heavy curtains and get rid of some of that extra clutter that has built up around the home during the winter. Here is a guide how to clear our a home and awaken it with vibes of spring.


Plants bring natural beauty to our living spaces. By creating texture and balance, a room or patio can be transformed into an environment that comforts and welcomes. But, just like Miss Universe, plants can do more than look pretty. They’ve been proven to reduce stress so well that one glance at a plant lowers your heart rate. They also help clean the air we breathe by absorbing toxins and acting as little oxygen factories. Plants simply make us feel better.


Finding a permanent home for some of your collectables or creating a filing system will add a lot of free space in your home. It will also give an opportunity to get rid of any extra clutter. Starting some one place in the home that needs focused on and decide what should stay or go. Adding extra shelves to the walls or book cases will press that extra pieces against the wall creating more clear space for fun and activities.

Floor Mat

A doormat is defined as a mat put in a doorway. This may seem like a simple or maybe unnecessary addition to the home, but the fact is that doormats are very important. Interior designers and remodelers agree that doormats are simple, yet very beneficial items that can blend in well in any home.


Adding lighting to a dark area of home during spring is a great way to chase away some of the dark and grey days from those April showers. With led light options or a simple lamp with give any home a brighter feeling. It may also help a home owner catch a few of the cobwebs they may have missed during spring cleaning.


Mirrors are an important part of a home’s decor. Much like painting the walls with a bright color will open a room to make it feel larger. A mirror can also do this for a home. It is a way to open up a wall and add depth. A mirror can also enhance the lighting of a room by reflecting the light.

Replace Dark Tones and Heavy Fabrics

A final way to wake your home up for the spring is to get rid of the dark tones and heavy fabric of winter. Nothing will leave you feeling fresh for spring then lighter tones. Take a look around and see if there is any furniture that can be sanded down or repainted. Also removing fabrics that are thick with something light will make you feel like you’re ready for the warm weather!

While you take the time to clean your home for spring, remember that while cleaning it is easy to redecorate during the process. Find new homes for clutter and painting the walls a brighter color will leave a renewed feeling inside you and your home.

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