February 15, 2019

JULY SPECIAL: Bring Three Polo Shirts, Get One Polo Shirt Serviced FREE!

How many times have you struggled to attain perfect creases in your slacks, or to smooth the crinkles in your polo’s collar?  Stress no more!  Air-drying your clothes leaves unsightly wrinkles!  Ironing and pressing professional clothing items at home is a task and hardly ever comes out right  Stress no more, White Way Cleaners is here to help you! White Way Wrinkled Shirt

When preparing for an interview, first impressions are important.  Take a look at this polo, which was not professionally pressed in comparison to the polo which has been perfectly pressed by White Way!

Wrinkled Polo White Way

This polo shirt was not professionally pressed.

pressed polo white way

The collar on this polo shirt is perfectly pressed, thanks to a professional dry cleaning touch!

Do you have an important business meeting coming up?  Professionally pressed slacks make all the difference!

wrinkled khakis white way

These khakis were pressed at home. Notice the unsightly creases!

Notice how professional and flawless these professionally pressed khakis look!

Notice how professional and flawless these professionally pressed khakis look!

White Way Cleaners allows your outfit to shine by professionally caring for your personal clothing item.  Before treating your personal clothing item, a White Way professional inspects the garment to identify the item’s specific needs, forever ensuring that you are receiving the best quality service.

For the month of July only send in three shirts and get one shirt pressed for FREE!  This promotion is a limited time offer, so be sure to take advantage of it!


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