March 26, 2019

Rainy Day Preparations

April showers bring May flowers! But for some New England residents, the amount of spring rain can be a bit overwhelming. If you haven’t already prepared for spring, here is a trusty guide that will help you get through the wet season. Below you will find tips to help your home, self and family.

Preparation now can prevent — or at least lessen problems — ahead of Connecticut’s possible stormy days this spring. Here are some things to check on the home front:

  • Make sure to have an umbrella or two stashed away for those rainy days. Keep an umbrella in your bag or vehicle and by the front door.
  • Clean and repair home gutters: Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to back up and damage your roof and house.
  • Inspect the roof: Look for loose or damaged shingles.
  • Buy a good pair of waterproof boots or specifically rain boots.
  • Trim trees and bushes next to the house: Eliminate branches that can be weighed down with water or strike houses.
  • Make sure doors and windows are secure: Install weatherstripping where necessary.
  • Monitor spots where the ground meets your house:Look for water collecting. Dig a trench and redirect the water if needed.
  • Consider clothing made out of waterproof fabric. Something like a raincoat or even a plastic poncho can help keep you dry.
  • Stockpile the sand bags: If you live in flood-prone areas, buy or collect sand bags to help divert water, debris or mud. Have them filled and ready to go before flooding happens.
  • Look for erosion: Check sloping property hillsides for signs of erosion or slipping, and shore them up if necessary.
  • Have a place in the home where wet clothes from a rainy day can go. A basket by the front door or mudroom can make clean ups easier.

There many be many other ways to prepare for a rainy day, however, these are at the top of our rainy days check list. Its okay to get a little wet, but neglected places around the home can increase the likelihood of water damage. Try to think forward for the rainy days and they will be just as enjoyable as the others.

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