March 26, 2019

Organizing a Cluttered Space

A room that’s strewn with clothing and shoes can feel like a whirlwind.  Organizing a cluttered space seems stressful, but the instant gratification will leave you smiling.  Try these tips for organizing a cluttered space.

via Martha Stewart

Organizing a Cluttered Space

There are so many benefits to finally facing your biggest mess.  While you’re organizing be sure to keep a box for items you want to donate nearby.  This is a great way to eliminate items you no longer use, that someone else can put to good use!  Donate that extra set of dishes you have no space for (and never use) and watch as stress melts away (we promise).

Categorize with Color

via Martha Stewart

Categorizing with color is perfect for every space, from your open pantry to your closet.  This is a great way to stay inspired, mix the old and the new, and find new favorites you had forgotten.

Hang It!

Martha Stewart

Create a display of shoes or plates by adding a shelf.  Utilizing your walls for storage is a great way to give items a home.  If you’re feeling creative, this is a great way to make a functional statement wall.

Clean by Numbers

via Martha Stewart

Remember paint by numbers?  We’re reinventing the wheel with this organization trick.  Give each family member their own number (mom +1, dad =2, daughter = 3, etc) and label storage compartments with that number.  Stencil numbers on baskets for mittens in the mudroom, toys in the playroom, etc.

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