February 15, 2019

Living Room Linens

Give your living room a polished look by adding living room linens.  The perfect pair of pleated curtains can give your living room a contemporary finish, while blankets and pillows beckon family to snuggle up and relax.  Keep your living room linens looking their best with help from White Way Dry Cleaners; schedule a free pick-up and delivery service here.


via HGTV

Styling Living Room Linens


via Pottery Barn

We love this living room design by Pottery Barn!  From the tapestry hanging on the wall to the stripe fringe pillows and recycled yarn indoor rug, this living room is a great example of how to style living room linens.  If you are unsure how to start, begin with neutrals and branch out with patterns and bold colors after you have a base!

Window Treatments


Always keep neutral window treatments in your linen closet; via Country Home

Transform your living room simply by switching out your window treatments!  To keep your living room fresh and new, we suggest switching your window treatments at least once every season.  


via Budget Blinds

During the wintertime in Connecticut, heavier curtains help keep insulate your home, while breezy, sheer curtains are perfect for summertime.

Throws & Pillows


via Pottery Barn

We think everyone’s living room should have a basket of soft, cozy blankets and pillows!  Though decorative throws and pillows are gorgeous, they may not be the most versatile if you have young children or pets.  Keep in mind that you can always grab a wicker trunk or basket to toss decorative throws and pillows in when it’s family time.  Who said you can’t swap out your living room’s throws and pillows?

Refresh your linens this spring with help from White Way Dry Cleaners!  We offer dry cleaning services near you; White Way services all of Connecticut.

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