February 15, 2019

Laundry Room Upgrades

Refresh your laundry room with these great laundry room upgrades!  Creating a positive and organized space complete with storage options will leave you feeling less stressed.  We love these thoughtful ideas to keep your laundry room looking neat and welcoming.

Laundry White Way Cleaners CT

This beautifully-organized laundry room fits into a compact area!

Create a Secret Laundry Room:  Add Doors

CT Dry Cleaners

If your laundry room is out in the open, consider adding doors!  These sliding barn doors close off the washer/drier area while looking inconspicuously chic and sleek!  Selecting quality hardware will ensure an elegant addition.

Stow-Away Laundry Bins

White Way Dry Cleaners Connecticut

Stow-away laundry bins are a genius laundry room upgrade!  Three bins are ideal for separating colors, whites and delicates.  Having a set area for the entire house to place their dirty laundry will make laundry day so much easier!

Wall Storage:  Add Hooks

White Way Dry Cleaners CT

Never underestimate your blank wall space!  Adding hooks creates storage space for things that would otherwise end up on the floor.  Hooks can be used to hang additional laundry bags or the ironing board!

Add a Laundry Guide

Laundry Room Guide

Hello laundry guide, goodbye laundry blunders.  Decode your garment’s tag instantly by keeping a laundry guide framed on the wall!

Lost:  Change & Socks

CT Dry Cleaning

How many times have you found money in the washer?  Those pennies add up!  We love this “Keep the Change” sign; create your own DIY change sign or place a change jar on one of your shelves.  Creating an area to hang lost socks is also a genius idea!

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