September 19, 2018

Laundry Room Hacks

Give your laundry room an update with these laundry room hacks.  From a folding station to a stain chart, these small additions will make your laundry room more manageable.

via Martha Stewart

The Fold Zone

via Martha Stewart

Does your laundry room need more space to store folded stacks of linens?  This is an easy DIY for creating the perfect folded clothes zone.  Learn how to perfect the art of folding towels with this simple trick.

The Dry Bar

via Martha Stewart

Need a place to hang delicates and pressed shirts?  Try adding a simple drying bar.  You don’t need much space, so get creative with your placement!  Remember, your laundry room is all about functionality.

Cheat Sheet

via Home Decor XP

Adding a stain cheat sheet to your laundry room is the perfect way to keep your favorite tricks and tips on hand.  Besides, who can remember the solution to every stain?

Adjustable Shelving

via Martha Stewart

Need we say more?  Adjustable shelving is the key to storing all of your items without having to squish them!  Adding an adjustable shelving unit to your laundry room is a cost effective improvement that will make all the difference.

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