February 15, 2019

Laundry Room Design: Bright and Functional

We found this beautiful laundry room at HGTV’s website and couldn’t resist sharing it here!  With a laundry room this attractive, the never-ending chore of washing, drying, folding, and ironing starts to seem almost pleasant.  The design of this room has a lot of appeal because it is bright and cheerful, but also has everything a working laundry room needs.  The home’s architectural details, such as the wood ceiling beams, are incorporated nicely into the design and add to the charm of this space.  Which of these design and organizational options would you like to add to your laundry room?

laundry room organization design copy

1.  The large, arched window floods this laundry room with plenty of natural light.

2.  These beautiful pendant lights act as jewelry for the room.

3.  Open shelving allows laundry supplies to be organized but readily accessible.

4.  A sink is a must-have tool in every laundry room for treating stains or hand-washing delicates.

5.  Fun accents elevate this laundry room past a purely functional area and make it more pleasant.

6.  The room has plenty of counter space for folding laundry.

7.  Cabinets provide additional storage space.

8.  This wicker laundry basket looks more at home with the room’s natural tones.

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    1. Shouldn’t the dryer door be right hinged? I’m assuming the dryer is on the right? It appears to open the same way as the washer on the left….

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