February 15, 2019

Why Jeans Should Be Dry Cleaned

White Way Dry Cleaners is your premiere Connecticut dry cleaning service for keeping those jeans in tip-top shape. There’s a common misconception that jeans should never be cleaned, but that just leads to having dirty clothing. What you should do is have your jeans professionally dry cleaned. Keep those jeans looking fresh, clean, and great! Here’s just some of the few reasons why we suggest our dry cleaning services:

Dry Cleaning Prevents Shrinkage

Where washing can cause jeans to shrink, dry cleaning ensures they will always fit the same! 

Prevents Color Loss

Over time, and with regular washing, the color of your jeans can fade. With dry cleaning, there’s no need to worry about fading colors. They’ll always be as vibrant as the day you bought them. 

Regains Structure

Constant wear on your jeans can cause them to get baggy. With our professional dry cleaning services, it’ll revitalize and strengthen your jeans to be good as new!

Enhance Fabric Texture

You may notice that the texture of the denim loses it’s luster over the years, becoming washed out and faded. Our dry cleaning services will restore this texture and make your jeans look like they were purchased yesterday. 

Our February Promotion

This month, we’re running a special promotion on jean alterations. It’s the best reason to get your favorite pairs properly hemmed and fitted. Maybe you’ve got a pair with a missing button or damaged zipper? Our professional seamstress can handle any repairs to your jeans. 

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