September 19, 2018

Floor Pillows

Floor pillows are a great way to add seating to any area of your home!  There are so many ways to decorate with floor pillows.  Shop our favorites, sew your own, or browse our list for inspiration!

Velvet Floor Pillows, Onyx and Smoke

The Living Room:  Additional Seating

Pillow Talk

Keep a neat stack of floor pillows in your living room for additional seating.  Perfect for movie nights with the whole family, these comfy cushions are very versatile.

Apartment Therapy

This laid back dinner party looks awesome.  Create a welcoming bohemian-inspired environment with a fun floor pillow set up instead of a stuffy dining room ordeal.

Outdoor Entertaining

Restoration Hardware

Host a relaxed party on your patio without all the wicker.  This floor pillow set from Restoration Hardware is a great alternative for stiff patio furniture.


These pillows add a tropical touch.  Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these handcrafted pillows would definitely be a (comfy) conversation starter.

Kid-Friendly:  The Playroom

Puzzle Piece Floor Pillows, Etsy

Add floor pillows to your child’s playroom for a creative space to sit and play.  These puzzle piece floor pillows built cognitive skills while giving your child a soft place to sit.


There are so many quirky and fun floor pillow designs for your child’s bedroom.  From slices of bread to pillows that look like stacks of pancakes and burgers, finding a place to read will be a breeze.

Create a Meditation Space


These pillows are perfect for meditation.  Transform an awkward space of your house to a peaceful meditation space.  This is a great way to encourage yourself to take a second to relax.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

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