February 15, 2019

Dry Cleaning Services in Connecticut

White Way Dry Cleaners provides the best environmentally-friendly laundry and dry cleaning services in Connecticut!  Let White Way handle your garments with professional care; we have a full menu of dry cleaning and laundering services to meet your needs.  Schedule a free pick-up or delivery to your home or office to save time here!

Dry Cleaning in Connecticut


Connecticut dry cleaning company White Way Dry Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery!

Prolong the life of your clothing with dry cleaning at White Way!  Our dry cleaning services ensure that your garments are returned free of stains, dirt and soil, which can result in the rapid wear of your garment’s fibers.

Thorough cleaning of clothing also prevents the possibility of damage via insects, which can be drawn to the stains embedded in your garment’s fibers!  White Way Dry Cleaners is convenient, quick, professional, award-winning and will return your items without any broken buttons, guaranteed!  Read more about Connecticut’s best dry cleaning services here.

Leather and Suede Cleaning in Connecticut

Leather and Suede Cleaning CT

White Way Dry Cleaners has teamed up with Arrow Leather Care to provide expert cleaning and restoration services for all of your leather and suede garments.  In addition to cleaning and restoring, we also offer a variety of services such as:

  • Preservation:  Leather and suede garments are usually not colorfast, and tend to dry out over time.  That’s why we add oil and color if necessary, preserving your item for future years of use!
  • Freshening:  Maintain your leather or suede garments throughout the wearing season with our professional and delicate hand-cleaning, conditioning and finishing.
  • Deep Cleaning:  Recommended for leather and suede garments at the end of the wearing season, White Way will remove heavy soiling and condition your garment to prepare it for next season!

Wedding Gown Preservation


White Way Dry Cleaners offers wedding gown preservation in Connecticut!  White Way is a member and authorized dealer of the Wedding Gown Preservation Company, which is the most trusted name in the industry for wedding gown cleaning, restoration and preservation!  Read more about wedding gown preservation services here.

Laundry Services in Connecticut

Laundry Services CT

Check laundry off your to-do list with help from White Way!  Simply schedule a free pick-up and delivery service here and we will return your laundry washed and neatly folded to your home or office!

Pillow Refurbishing in Connecticut

Pillow Refurbishing CT

Is your favorite pillow flat and lumpy?  We can restore it!  Read about pillow refurbishing in Connecticut here.

Other Services


White Way Dry Cleaners also provides upholstery, linen, bedding and area rug cleaning!  Read more about upholstery, linen, bedding and area rug cleaning services here.

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