February 15, 2019

The Denim Guide

Denim is a trend that keeps renewing itself again and again!  Versatile, classic and essential, denim pieces are an essential part of a wardrobe.  Keep your denim looking its best with this denim guide from CT’s best dry cleaning company, White Way Dry Cleaners!

The Fit

CT Alterations

Jeans with a waist gap are ideal for alterations, as they leave enough material for adjustments!
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Before we dive into denim care, we want to remind you that great denim comes down to how it fits.  Keep your favorite pair of jeans in your wardrobe with subtle alterations from our seamstress!  We recommend bringing jeans that are slightly roomy to your denim alterations; this will allow our seamstress enough material to perfect your fit!  A simple appointment with a seamstress will leave your jeans looking polished and looking their best.

Denim Care 101: Always Hem Your Jeans

Hemming Jeans Connecticut Alterations

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Keep your favorite pair of jeans from getting dragged underfoot with a professional hem!  White Way Dry Cleaners’ seamstress can perfectly adjust the hem of your jeans to your height or preferred length.  This is a great way to extend the life of your denim!

Denim Cleaning Myths & Methods

The Denim/Freezer Method:

Laundry Service White Wa

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Have you heard to place your jeans in the freezer for about six hours to eliminate germs and refresh your jeans?  Though some people swear by this method, we found through research that airing your jeans out outside in direct sunlight is preferred method.

Waiting a Year Before Handwashing Denim:

Denim Hand Washing Connecticut

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If you have invested in a quality pair of jeans, you may have heard that it’s best to wait a year before hand-washing them!  Try this method and let us know what you think, but you may want to lay those jeans flat to dry.

Stain Removal & Other Dry Cleaning Solutions:

Denim Dry Cleaning White Way Dry Cleaners CT

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Regardless of what your Google results suggest you do to get that stain out, call the professionals!  White Way Dry Cleaners can tackle stain removal, rips and tears, lost buttons, broken zippers and more.

On Cleaning Denim & Chambray Shirts

Dry Cleaning White Way Dry Cleaners

Denim and chambray shirts are also very trendy right now, especially during spring in Connecticut!  Great as an extra layer, denim and chambray shirts may become more soiled than your jeans.  Our advice?  Check the tag for any cleaning instructions, and when at a loss, call White Way!  Your denim and chambray shirts will be stain-free and fresh for wear.

When in doubt, call White Way at 800.562.9938 or schedule a free pick-up and delivery service online here.

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