January 24, 2019

Clean House for Holiday Guests

Clean House for Holiday Guests

Preparing your Connecticut home for some guests to come by for the holidays? Put out some extra soups and prepare to scrub. Here is an easy checklist for getting your house ready for holiday guests.

What is the first thing your guests will see?

Prepare your entry way to be viewed. Cleaning your entryway is a great start to cleaning for guests. Check the door for dirt, put out a new doormat, check for dirt between cracks that may have got caught during cleanings and vacuum all the odd places around the furniture.

Keep the kitchen clean!

During the holidays, people may want to gather around the food. It is a place where people will be cooking or want to try something as it is fresh out of the oven. Clean your dishes as you go and make sure all the counters are wiped down. Clear out any extra clutter. Flush the sink with boiling water to remove any unwanted odors. Don’t forget to clean out the oven. Scrubbing it down with baking soda can help get rid of those unwanted food mistakes.

A fresh bathroom is a happy bathroom.

Before your guests arrive be sure to scrub clean your bathroom. A good bleaching or alternative cleaner will make your bathroom sparkle like your holiday decorations. Use a stiff bristled brush to increase your scrub power. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper, light a candle and visit from time to time to refresh anything that may be needed. Guests tend to forget to ask..

Sniff out bad smells.

If you clean your home and something still doesn’t smell quite right, brew some coffee. The aroma will cover it up. Make sure to take out the trash before your guests arrive.

Pets are family too.

Give your pets a bath the morning your guests are to arrive. If you are hosting a party outside, despite the cold, make sure to clean up any messes behind left by your pets. A clean yard, litter box, or tank will make your guests feel more comfortable.

Prepare for the Inevitable.

We love our friends and family, but sometimes they can spill wine or eggnog on the new furniture. Keep your supplies on hand for after your guests arrive. Leaving extra napkins and paper towels around can also decrease the chances of your hard clean going to waste.

For those more tricky stains on your blouses and sweaters let us know how we can help by contacting us at White Way Dry Cleaners. We have free pickup and delivery to help get you look your best during the holidays.

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