March 26, 2019

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are not only good for the environment by reducing paper waste, they are beautiful as well! Not only are they easy to clean, but if cleaned properly, your favorite cloth napkins can last a long time in your linen closet. For a limited time, take 20% OFF the professional dry cleaning of your favorite cloth napkins. White Way Dry Cleaners services all of Connecticut; schedule a free pick-up and delivery service here.

The Free MyDryCleaner App

Did you know Connecticut’s best dry cleaners, White Way Dry Cleaners is on the free MyDryCleaner app? The free MyDryCleaner app streamlines your dry cleaning service, making your life easier and laundry more efficient! To set up your free account on the MyDryCleaner app, you must have a mobile device which enables apps.

Holiday Clean Up

Stress less this holiday season with holiday clean up help from Connecticut’s best dry cleaners, White Way Dry Cleaners! Our Annual Holiday Dry Cleaning Sale has been extended until January 17th, so you can give all of your favorite holiday keepsakes a professional dry cleaning before you store them for next year. Take 20% OFF the professional dry cleaning of drapes, tablecloths, table runners, napkins, placemats, tree skirts and area rugs (area rugs must be pre-paid in store)!

Donating Halloween Costumes for Kids

Every fall, children across America look forward to Halloween as much as Linus looked forward to a visit from the Great Pumpkin! What’s not to love about dressing up as your favorite hero, villain, monster, or princess before racing door to door to collect huge amounts of candy? At White Way Dry Cleaners, we encourage donating Halloween costumes for kids next year, as a great, eco-friendly way to recycle the fun!

Cozy Winter Bedding

Purchasing a great comforter is a cozy winter bedding essential.  Comforters are available with and without down-feathers, and their warmth-factor varies depending on your selection.  For a limited time take advantage of the Comforter Cleaning Sales Event from Connecticut dry cleaners, White Way Dry Cleaners!  Click here to schedule a free pick-up and delivery time. Choosing a […]

Uniform Services in Connecticut

Did you know White Way Cleaners provides uniform services in Connecticut? Connecticut businesses know that providing employees with professional uniforms presents an efficient and competent look. In order for your employees to always looking their best as they represent your company, a uniform service is essential. At White Way Dry Cleaners in Connecticut, we offer several advantages to our clients seeking uniforms and care for those uniforms.

How to Sort Laundry

If your laundry approach is to toss everything in the wash on the cold water setting, you’ve probably run into some laundry issues over the years. Colors bleeding from one garment to the next is the most obvious risk, but there are other good reasons to sort your laundry before you wash!

Line Drying Tips

Few people will argue with the speed and convenience of a modern clothes dryer, especially on during winter or on a rainy day. Line drying tips definitely become handy in a case of emergency (did your drier just stop working?) and is helpful when trying to cut down on energy costs! During the mild, sunny days of the year, however, line drying clothes in the fresh air is a great way to reduce energy costs, reduce your impact on the environment, and give your clothes the kind of fresh scent that just can’t be found in a bottle.

Towel Care

White Way Dry Cleaners wants to ensure that all of your laundry is handled properly, including towel care! The idea of stepping out of a bubble bath and wrapping up in a big, fluffy towel is often quite different from the daily routine of a family household, where morning showers are sometimes rushed and kids tend to leave damp towels bunched up on the bathroom floor. With a little effort and planning, your towels can stay luxury-bath-ready in spite of the daily abuse, wear, and tear they may see at the hands of a busy family.

Coolest School Supplies

Summer vacation is a magical time of year for kids. There’s nothing like the sight of the Back to School aisle at the store to put a damper on summer fun. The idea of giving up lazy days for the routine and focus of school is naturally unappealing to kids. Your basic list of school supplies doesn’t help the matter. Pencils, notebooks, and erasers just aren’t very exciting. We’ve come up with a list of things your kid may not need for school, but which can really make that first day a more exciting adventure!