February 15, 2019

Caring for Comforters

Comforters are a must for any Connecticut home’s linen closet.  Available in an array of styles and weights, comforters keep our bedding warm and cozy.  Maintain your favorite bedding with our tips on caring for comforters.

Caring for Comforters: The Duvet

Pippa Floral Print Organic Duvet Cover, Pottery Barn

Caring for comforters is easy if you have a duvet cover.  Duvet covers fit over your comforter, protecting it from spills, pet hair, stains and more.  This protective layer is available in many styles, and can be switched out as often as you would like.  We recommend purchasing a duvet cover and a comforter together to set a good habit.

Comforter Weights

Comforters come in a variety of weights; this makes selecting how warm you would like your bedding to be, easy.  During the summertime, a lightweight comforter keeps us comfortable, while heavier comforters are perfect for Connecticut’s cold weather.  If you are purchasing a comforter in-store, they often have a guide as to which weight is best for which season.

Cleaning Your Comforter

Did you know your comforter is a perfect host for debris and dust mites?  Once dust mites are trapped in your bedding, it increases your chances of an allergic reaction.  Keeping your comforter clean and in tip-top shape is important for your health!  Both down and alternative comforters need to be cleaned once every few months.  If you are prone to allergies, you may prefer to clean your comforter monthly.


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