December 17, 2018

Buffet Table Inspiration

A buffet table is a great way to feature a food spread.  Let your guests serve themselves hors d’oeuvre as they socialize during your party.  Bookmark our article for buffet table inspiration!

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The Buffet Table

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The buffet table is a smart way to serve guests without being spread too thin.  Enjoy more of the party by planning your buffet table ahead of time.  We love to use buffet tables for holidays such as birthdays, superbowl parties and more.


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Keep the cocktails coming by setting up a bar station.  Featuring a cocktail section in your buffet spread is a great way to keep people socializing.  Don’t forget an ice bucket!

The Menu

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Whether you want to try out some new recipes, or have your party catered, it’s a good idea to plan your meal ahead of time.  If you are hosting a holiday party with lots of friends and family members, prepping food ahead of time so you only have to reheat a few things might be the best bet.  Not a very talented cook?  Start looking for caterers ahead of time!

Linens & Things

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What kind of utensils are you using for your party?  Will you be utilizing paper plates and napkins?  If you are planning on using cloth napkins, placemats or your favorite tablecloths, send them to White Way Dry Cleaners!  White Way Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery service to all of Connecticut.  Schedule a free pick-up online here.

Buffet Table Decor

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Once your food and drink menus are decided upon, it’s time to select decorations!  Make the buffet spread eyecatching and elaborate, or sleek and food-focused, it’s up to you.  Where are you going to arrange your buffet table?  Are you planning on having separate stations around the room to get people mingling?  Planning these things ahead of time will leave you stress-free.

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