December 17, 2018

Essential Bathroom Towels

Do you have these essential bathroom towels?  When was the last time you replaced your towels?  Do they match?  Are they stained?  Here are some of our favorite bathroom towels to inspire you.

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Essential Bathroom Towels:  Classic White Towels

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Keeping a stack of classic white towels in your linen closet is essential.  White towels are fresh and welcoming after a shower.  We suggest splurging on a luxe set of classic white towels for guests.

Egyptian Cotton White Bath Towels, Crate & Barrel

Ribbed White Bath Towels, Crate & Barrel

Textured Towels

Lavender Floral Angelica Sculpted Bath Towel, World Market

Add a few statement towels to your collection with textured bathroom towels.  These textured towels also make for a fabulous bathroom display. 

Jacquard Medallion Aerospin Bath Towel in Ivory/Gray, Pottery Barn

Monogrammed Towels

via Lonny Magazine

Make your mark with monogrammed towels.  Monogrammed bath towels are a great way to personalize your space.  These towels are an awesome idea for gifting too!

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