February 15, 2019

About Wet Cleaning

White Way Cleaners offers wet cleaning services for those garments with “no dry cleaning” tags!  Wet cleaning is ideal for delicate garments and uses no toxic chemicals.  Schedule a free pick-up and delivery service online here.


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About Wet Cleaning

The wet cleaning process is both energy-efficient, water-based and utilizes non-toxic chemicals.  Computer-controlled washers and dryers using specially formulated, biodegradable detergents thoroughly clean your clothes.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning


At White Way Cleaners, green cleaning solutions are important to us!  Wet cleaning is environmentally-friendly, as it does not utilize hazardous chemicals, and is not a significant concern to wastewater treatment officials.

Which Garments Should Be Wet Cleaned


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Garments with tags which state that dry cleaning should not be used can be wet cleaned.  Cotton, wool, silk, suede and leather garments can all be wet cleaned.  Fragile garments which feature beading and sequins can be safely cleaned with a wet cleaning service.  If you are unsure whether your garment should be wet cleaned, ask one of our staff members!

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