March 26, 2019

4 Ways To Help Your Dry Cleaner

If you are new to getting your clothes dry-cleaned there are a few tips that may make your process a little easier. At White Way Cleaners, you can trust that we will keep your fabric clean and fresh. Below are a few ways you can help us.

Lose Button?

If you find that a button is lose your on clothes, let your dry cleaner know. If you’ve lost the button all together, we might have one for you! Let us know as soon as you know and we will get a button replacement for you. It is better to have buttons reinforced beforehand.

Donate Your Hangers

Cleaners love when you return wire hangers, which they reuse or recycle.

Resist Doing It Yourself

Hand your item over to the pros for them to work their magic. Whether it’s wine or hot sauce, just tell us what the stain is and we will fix it. As professional cleaners we can make your clothes look brand new again. By adding different products to your stain, it may prevent us from being able to remove the stain.

Don’t Wait

It’s easy to let weeks go by before taking your clothes to the cleaners. Even if no stains are visible, oils and impurities will break down and yellow fabrics. It is important to bring in your dry cleaning as soon as possible.


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